What are the Benefits of Interactive Video Training?

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An organization is off to a good start when training and continued education are viewed as an important part of their business, as it can ultimately affect the overall success of the company. However, if you aren’t embracing new technology updates that could take your training offerings to the next level, then you may fall behind. Many companies are still unaware of the benefits and capabilities of incorporating interactive video into their training programs. So, what are some of the ways that your team could benefit from incorporating interactive video training for your organization?

The Benefits of Interactive Video Training

Interactivity Drives Focus and Engagement
Interactive video can take your training programs beyond the standard PowerPoint or voice recording. Through features such as hot spots, knowledge checks, and call outs, users can react to what they are viewing and be more than just observers. Strategically incorporating more interaction and engagement mechanisms can make the content more easily understandable for users. Other features that are important to consider include search tools which would allow a learner to revisit a specific section of the training to review again and avoid testing errors. From an organizational standpoint, interactive video training allows you to interact with your employees and receive feedback which gives more insight to their preferences and needs for effective training.

Real Time Tracking and Status Updates
While interactive training allows the user to be in control of their learning, there are still a variety of benefits from a business perspective. The ability to track the progress and review outcomes for each employee can provide insight into where additional training may be necessary. Status updates are provided as learners complete their assigned training which equips management with a better understanding of where each employee stands.

Adaptable and Easily Accessible for Users
We live in a dynamic world where just about everything is available at our fingertips. Training should be no different. When teams are frequently using systems such as Veeva CRM, it can be incredibly beneficial for trainings to be integrated into the dashboard, making it easily accessible at any moment. Employees can access content via a smartphone or tablet on the go, during a break, or at home with all the same functionalities, providing them flexibility to choose the best time for learning. Because of this flexibility, most users will decide to learn when they feel it will be the most beneficial which will likely increase the success rate of the training. Ultimately, the end goal of interactive video training is to make it as convenient as possible for end users to access and utilize.

There are various ways in which interactive video can enhance your training programs and benefit your employee’s learning. The video training keeps users engaged and places more of an emphasis on the enjoyment of learning which in turn leads to higher productivity and performance. It boasts engaging, integrated viewer participation that allows users to view training modules at their own pace while delivering real time status updates to leadership. In the long run, when incorporated correctly, it can have a significant impact on the success of your organization.

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