You spent a bundle on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. So why aren’t you using it?

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a major pharmaceutical company that doesn’t rely on Salesforce Marketing Cloud to handle email marketing, social media, and other aspects of their marketing efforts. Its robust capabilities and scalability – along with the ease with which it can be made HIPAA compliant – make Marketing Cloud a favorite in the pharma space.

When you look beyond Big Pharma, to the small- to mid-sized pharma, biotech, and rare disease companies, you find that many of these younger, smaller organizations also subscribe to Salesforce Marketing Cloud – not surprising, given that many marketers in that space have come from Big Pharma. What is surprising is that a significant percentage of these organizations aren’t using the platform at all.

When you explore the reasons for this, here are the types of responses that come back:

“After we subscribed, I realized that we didn’t have anyone inhouse who could get it set up.”

“I’m not familiar enough with the platform to feel comfortable sending emails, so I’ve just been using simpler email solutions as a workaround.”

“We haven’t had the need to start email marketing yet, but we’ll get it up and running when it’s time to launch our first campaign.”

For the most part, these challenges can be traced back to the fact that marketing departments in these smaller organizations don’t have the same level of IT or operations support to manage platforms like Marketing Cloud. There’s simply no one in the organization that has the expertise (or perhaps the bandwidth) to properly implement the platform. While that may be a valid explanation, it shouldn’t serve as an excuse!

For those who don’t have hands-on experience working with the platform, getting started can seem overwhelming. One look at the Marketing Cloud’s capabilities is enough to send any non-technical marketer running for the hills. But most small- mid-sized pharma companies don’t need all those capabilities right away. In the early stages of commercialization, email campaigns may be the only thing you use it for. And with proper initial set up and some guidance, sending emails with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is easier than you might expect.

At Conexus, it hurts us to see companies paying for a powerful platform and then not using it. One of our specialties is helping small- mid-sized pharma companies get up and running with Marketing Cloud. We use the platform ourselves and know its ins and outs. We have helped many of our clients set up the platform and integrate it with their other systems. Some of our customers choose to have us handle the creation and management of their email campaigns.

The point is, with the right help, you can get Salesforce Marketing Cloud working for you, faster and less expensively than you might imagine.

Don’t wait until the deadline for your first (or next) big email campaign is breathing down your neck before getting this key piece of marketing infrastructure up and running. After all, as an experienced marketer, you know the platform is a valuable tool that will only grow more valuable as your business and its marketing needs grow.

Stop wasting money on a subscription that’s providing no value. Shoot us a note and let us explain how we’ve helped organizations like yours put Salesforce Marketing Cloud to work for them.

About Conexus

For small- to mid-sized life sciences companies that need to reach and market to healthcare providers, Conexus offer the rare combination of deep life sciences experience with end-to-end support expertise, including support for applications. As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we are dedicated to delivering excellence and are certified in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and Sales Cloud. We help customers get up and running on the industry’s leading and and marketing technologies up to 33% faster than traditional implementations. From implementing and maintaining Salesforce applications, to building, managing and measuring digital campaigns, Conexus serves as “The Team Behind Your Team.”

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