Harness the Power
of Our Marketing Operations Solutions

So many platforms and processes. So little time.

That’s the dilemma facing marketers and small and mid-sized life sciences companies.

They need to stay laser-focused on the big picture to ensure successful go-to-market efforts. But those efforts can’t succeed if the operational details of their marketing platforms and processes aren’t taken care of.


That’s where Conexus comes in. We offer marketing operations services including:

We design and code email templates for use with Veeva CRM so that representatives can easily send personalized emails to HCPs.

Our proprietary Consent Hub solutions enables customers to opt-in or opt-out of specific classes of emails and applies their preferences across all email platforms.

Conexus helps marketers implement SMC to unlock the power this powerful email marketing platform. We integrate SMC with Veeva CRM, design and code templates, and manage email campaigns as needed.

In addition to designing great websites for brands and organizations, Conexus offers secure, scalable website hosting.

Conexus takes care of conversion and coding for closed-loop marketing efforts utilizing Veeva CRM.

Every one of our offerings starts with a customer need. Bring us your marketing challenge, and we’ll use our problem-solving skills to create the right solution.