Conexus Solutions, Inc. Introduces Learning Cloud for Veeva CRM

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PRINCETON, NJ – September 27, 2023 – Conexus Solutions, Inc., a Premiere Veeva Services Partner and leading provider of life sciences data and technology services for companies optimizing commercial and clinical business functions announces its newest offering, Learning Cloud for Veeva CRM. The cloud-based subscription training service offers specialized instructional support for critical Veeva CRM functionality with built-in metrics to capture longitudinal training effectiveness.

“With deep knowledge of Veeva CRM, we know establishing initial user confidence and sustained utilization and engagement are crucial to maximizing the ROI our clients expect from their commercial and clinical technology investments,” said Akshay Kapadia, Founder and CEO at Conexus. “We know our clients may not always have the resources required to provide continuous in-depth, domain-driven instruction. Learning Cloud contains comprehensive Veeva CRM-focused videos with interactive capabilities to ensure high uptake and retention, as well as a cost-effective way to deliver, reinforce, and refresh training as new releases become available and new people are added to the team. We believe empowering users to master their tools helps to drive exceptional results for their organizations.”

Learning Cloud, an integral part of Conexus’ Learning Services for the life sciences, offers a Veeva CRM learning library subscription designed to meet users at their point of need. This includes direct access from within Veeva CRM, making it easy and convenient to begin training at the moment it’s needed. Expertly crafted videos are available for consumption at a user’s individual pace and convenience. Enriched knowledge checks and embedded interactive elements assure subscribers that both engagement and functional comprehension is continuously occurring. Learning Cloud topic options will also include PDMA regulations, HIPAA compliance, and more.

In addition to sales and sales operations, brand leaders, marketing operations and analytics teams benefit from comprehensive metrics and tracking functionalities which enable close monitoring and performance evaluation of individual users or teams. These insights provide valuable data for audits, regular monitoring, and continuous improvement initiatives, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Learning Cloud for Veeva CRM is immediately available for sign-up. For more information and to explore the subscription options, visit or contact Anthony Bianciella at

About Conexus Solutions, Inc.

Conexus Solutions, Inc. is a Premier Veeva Services Partner and a leading provider of life science data and technology services for companies optimizing commercial and clinical business functions. In addition to Learning Services, Conexus offers certified Veeva Services, including implementations, transformations, and ongoing support, Data Services & Insights, specializing in master data management, data warehouses, data visualization, and advanced analytics, as well as services for Sales and Marketing Operations. Conexus is a recognized pioneer in pre-configured, multi-function solutions engineered for accelerated implementation. Learn more at