Conexus offers an end-to-end solution to assist in Mandatory Salesforce and Veeva Territory Management 2.0 Migration


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With Salesforce sunsetting their current Territory Management module (TM 1.0) and implementing the new Enterprise Territory Management (TM 2.0), Veeva and Salesforce customers need cost effective, end-to-end assistance to make this mandatory change in a timely manner. All Veeva and Salesforce customers must implement this change prior to June 2021.

Examples of where Territory Management are used include territory alignment, which consists of territory tree, assigning roster members within the tree, assigning accounts, and providing access to the roster members. It is also used for ZipToTerr and Account Territory Loader (ATL).


Sooner is better in terms of initiating the start of this migration. You’ll want to avoid building any new capabilities on top of the old TM 1.0 data structures. These additional changes would add costs to the overall migration. The sooner you migrate, the sooner your technology will remain relevant.

Why Is this change being made?

The primary goal of the update is to improve performance and development efficiency of the territory management module. TM 2.0 is meant to be more compliant with data residency and enhance the performance of ATL.

What happens if the migration is not completed on time?

If the migration is not complete by June 2021, Veeva CRM users will no longer have access to their territories or their accounts where they were granted access by territory association.

What Conexus can provide

Conexus is here to help our clients from start to finish make this transition as seamless as possible. As a Veeva OpenData Certified Partner, and a member of the Veeva Services Partner Program, we are working with our clients to implement Veeva, as well as help them transition over to TM 2.0.

We will start by reviewing, identifying, and addressing all the impacted items in Veeva’s assessment report. This assessment report allows us to identify potential impacts, coordinate with 3rd party vendors where applicable, and remediate in areas not covered in the report. We will also be providing our clients with things such as integrations, custom MyInsights reports, data migration, CLM content, and managed apps. Prior to deployment, we will give you an estimate and will also be sure to engage in rigorous testing to see that everything is in place.

Contact Us for More Information

To learn more about how Conexus is prepared to assist our clients with every aspect of the TM 2.0 migration, please contact us at

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