Conexus Launches Sales Cloud Configuration for MedTech

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PRINCETON, NJ — Feb. 10, 2022 — Conexus Solutions, Inc. has launched a pre-configured Salesforce Sales Cloud system, specifically setup for Medical Device and Diagnostic companies.

After many conversations with medical device sales reps, Conexus learned firsthand about their CRM workflow. In many cases, their current systems made even the simplest tasks more complicated, pushing them to work outside of the system.

To help streamline the workflow for medical device sales reps, the Conexus team has configured Salesforce Sales Cloud for medical device selling. Conexus Turnkey Solution (CTS) is just one quick implementation away from a more cost-effective solution to use Salesforce Sales Cloud to sell and manage business in MedTech.

Beyond the Sales Manager, Conexus has pre-configured roles for the Practice/Account Manager, Regional Manager, and Home Office. The team is currently adding the Clinical Educator to the list of roles in CTS, all of which are integrated to provide for a complete view of the business.

The configuration can also be applied to existing Sales Cloud implementations to improve workflows and efficiency when selling medical devices.

With extensive Veeva experience, Conexus has also created an integration with Veeva Vault which allows MedTech companies to take full advantage of a robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for approved document management and use by the field.

To learn more about the MedTech Conexus Turnkey Solution for Sales Cloud, visit our website or contact Alex DiNolfi at

About Conexus Solutions, Inc.

Conexus Solutions, Inc. provides small and mid-size Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Life Sciences companies with sales and marketing operations support. This includes Salesforce cloud configuration and implementation, Sales Cloud for MedTech, Veeva configuration and implementation, Veeva Vault management, content creation (CLM, approved email, etc.), data analytics and reporting, and a multi-level help desk.