Behind The Team with Sandy Tammisetty, Practice Lead, Veeva Services

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As the first official employee of Conexus Solutions, Inc., Sandy Tammisetty embodies what it means to be the team behind your team. During her time in school, where she earned multiple degrees, to holding several positions here at Conexus, Sandy is always up for a challenge and sure to deliver precisely to client expectations. Now leading our Veeva Services division, Sandy sat down to tell us more about how she ended up here and what is to come for Conexus.

Please introduce yourself to our audience by reviewing your education, training, and career. 

I earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in India and subsequently pursued a master’s degree in computer science at Monmouth University in the US, specializing in databases. With a strong passion for technology and a keen interest in business, I embarked on my career journey as a business analyst before taking on diverse roles focusing on specific business functions such as reporting, dashboards, and optimization. Eventually, I discovered my calling in the pharmaceutical industry, where I have worked for over a decade. I have been an integral part of the Conexus team for seven years now, starting as the first employee and holding multiple positions before assuming my current role as Practice Lead of our Veeva Services division. In 2018, I relocated to India to establish and recruit for our offshore team in Bangalore while completing my Executive MBA at IIM. I oversee six teams (15+) in the US and four (35+) in India as we continue to expand and enhance our services and solutions.

You mentioned your degree in Computer Science and experience working in the Pharma sector. What habits have you learned that you continue to hone and implement today? 

Regardless of the industry, it is evident that there often exists a discrepancy between anticipated outcomes and actual results. Therefore, my paramount objective is to dedicate additional time to comprehending the precise requirements of individuals. Taking the time to understand their needs and goals, and ensuring that what you deliver aligns with those, can go a long way in building solid relationships and trust.

It’s also important to remember that sometimes customers may not always be able to articulate what they want exactly, so it’s essential to ask the right questions and communicate effectively to clarify their needs. Additionally, following up with them to ensure that they are satisfied with the results and addressing any issues or concerns can help ensure their continued satisfaction and loyalty.

August marks seven years at Conexus for you. What are some of the qualities that persuaded you to work here?

When I initially joined Conexus, it was a one-person company led by Akshay Kapadia, the Founder and CEO. Despite the risk of leaving my job at a more established employer to become Conexus’ first employee, the attraction of the company’s start-up culture and its potential for personal and professional growth appealed to my sense of exploration. Working in such an environment allowed me to gain invaluable experience and exposure to various aspects of the business. Conexus is not just an ordinary company but a close-knit family that fosters a culture of mutual support and encouragement among team members. This culture provides the necessary flexibility and freedom for individuals to reach their full potential, and our leadership team is hands-on in ensuring that every team member is heard and supported.

Looking at your time with Conexus, you have been in 3 roles and now sit as a Practice Lead for Veeva Services. What existing differentiators and upcoming initiatives are you excited to see coming down the pipeline at Conexus?

Although my title reflected three specific roles, my responsibilities at Conexus were far-reaching and diverse. From handling help desk calls and providing round-the-clock customer support to gaining an in-depth knowledge of the company’s operations, I have had a comprehensive experience at Conexus that I will always cherish. Our expansion plans are a particular source of excitement for us. With our growing team and range of services, we aim to expand our offerings globally. Our dedication to innovation, personalized service, and ongoing improvement will undoubtedly lead to success in the global market. I take pride in being part of a company committed to making a difference in the pharmaceutical industry. Our team’s strong expertise, clear vision, and commitment to excellence differentiate us from our competitors.

Computer Science is one of the more complex areas of study; if allowed to get another degree in a separate field, what would you choose?

Since my younger years, I have always aspired to become a teacher. The opportunity to educate and inspire the minds of others has always been a passion, and I enjoy the intellectual stimulation that teaching at a higher level can provide and the opportunity to conduct research and contribute to a particular field. The desire to one day become a professor remains a long-term goal of mine. Pursuing this dream would allow me to make a meaningful impact on the academic community and help shape the minds of future generations.

If you are interested in connecting with Sandy, she can be reached at

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