Analytics & Reporting

Get the insights that matter most.

Life sciences companies have access to a growing trove of data both from their own operations and from external sources. But this tsunami of information only becomes useful if it is thoughtfully curated and reported.

That’s why the last step in the data management value chain is perhaps the most crucial step of all: deriving and surfacing data-based insights that help managers make more informed decisions.

Dozens of small and mid-sized life sciences companies count on Conexus for analytics and reporting that support better decision making. Our flexible, customizable analytics toolkit enables these companies to access enterprise-level insights at SMB budgets.


Our data scientists are experts in analytics and reporting for CRM systems including Veeva. Having the right dashboards and reports helps turn your CRM into an even more powerful planning tool.

By combining CRM data with data pulled from other sources, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Veeva Vault, Conexus helps provide the most complete, relevant, actionable business insights.

Life sciences companies utilize our analytics and reporting services to support their sales efforts. For example:

  • Improving sales forecasting with predictive modeling
  • Identifying underperforming assets to reduce costs
  • Analyzing market dynamics to identify trends and demand changes
  • Market and customer segmentation analysis
  • Optimizing sales team compensation/incentives
  • Identifying cross-selling/up-selling opportunities

Marketing teams rely on Conexus analytics and reporting to maximize the impact of their investments. These marketing applications include:

  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Channel optimization
  • Message optimization
  • A/B testing of content
  • Calculating and evaluating digital marketing ROI

Need to build your team’s data literacy? Conexus offers customized training to ensure that decision makers can effectively interpret their reports.